Chandra Shekhar Sharma

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SAXS (Anton-Paar)

Graphitizing Furnace (Material Research Furnaces)

High Temperature Furnace (Nabertherm)

3D-Profiler (AEP Technology)

PECVD (Excel Instruments)

Maskless Lithography ( Intelligent Micro Patterning )

Potentiostat (BioLogic Science Instrument)

Gas Absorption Setup (Mayura Analytical Pvt. Ltd)

Electrospinning Setup (Espin Nanotech)

Nanomechanical Tester (Hysitron)

Some other facilities: Glove box, Plasma cleaner, Hot air and Vacuum oven, Hot plates, UV Chamber, Spin coater and  Probe and Ultra sonicators

We share the following facilities within our department:  Desktop SEM, FTIR, Zeta potential, TGA, UV spectrometer, Rheometer, Total organic carbon analyser and Tensiometer.  

We also have access to the following facilities : XRD, Raman, Spectroscopy, FESEM, Mask Aligner, Confocal Microscope, BET surface area measurement and Goniometer.